Akko Side Story

Guest blog by Kayla!

I know you all love hearing about those Thursday trips I take with Akiva and company, so here’s another one. Hope you like it!

My mom still seems to have an American mindset about how the world works. What I’m saying is that there are some rules you have in America that don’t exist in Israel. Like, in America, you are not allowed to pull over in a bus lane on the side of a highway and drop three kids off at a bus stop there and drive away (I think). But you can do that in Israel. The other two kids and I were fine with getting dropped off at random bus stations because we had all done it before. But my mom was freaking out because we were right across from a police junction.

She took this picture for evidence

Eventually, we convinced her that it was fine, and she left. We waited about ten minutes until Akiva came with the Pardes Channah crew already in the car. Our first stop today was the beach at Tel Dor. We were going to just take a relaxing beach walk, see some nature, get some peace and quiet… Well, it sure worked out as planned. I’m going to talk about three main things that happened on the walk. Got it? Ok good.

We got to the beginning of the trail and circled up, doing introductions and all that stuff. You know. It was super windy, and super hard to hear anything. Someone walked past us with their dogs, and while one of the dogs didn’t stop at our circle, the other one did. He stopped right in front of me, and I started petting him. I kind of fell in love with him, and I named him John (after John Laurens from Hamilton) and then we all put our hands in the middle of the circle and cheered “1…2…3…John the dog!” Then he didn’t follow us. Instead he waited for his owner. 😦

Exploring the ruins at the beach

We were walking on the beach, so naturally, we found this sort of rocky alcove near the water, and chilled there for a little while. I was walking around, and almost ended up stepping on this crab carcass. It was just the shell, and it was pretty much completely intact, so I picked it up and was studying it until I realised everyone else in the group was scared of it. They were so scared that whenever I got within two feet of them, they would scream and back up and they thought crab carcasses could give you rabies.

Then, someone found another dead crab that looked in even better shape than the first one (despite the fact that it was dead) so I actually thought it was alive. It was flipped over, so we could only see it’s stomach, and everyone wanted me to flip it over, but I was sort of scared because it looked pretty alive. I flipped it over, and it was very intact, so I didn’t pick it up. It was really pretty though. We buried the other crab next to it, and left.

We also had a big argument about whether or not Boromir went to Valhalla or not. But that isn’t important.

Discussing important things

After leaving the alcove, we had to talk about why we thought fishing was spiritual. Then, we had to sit in the ‘silence’ and stare at the ocean for a few minutes. If that isn’t ‘spiritual’ then I don’t know what is.

Thinking deep thoughts

Our next stop after the beach walk was the market in Akko. It was crowded there. It smelled like fish, and trash. I’ll tell you a couple cool things that happened there though. First, we found the most amazing store. It was called “What the Duck” and it was a chain of stores where you can buy all shapes and sizes of rubber ducks. We only went inside because we thought the sign was funny, and when we realized that it was actually a duck store, we all got super excited. We went in and looked around. They had a lot of different kinds of ducks in there. It was hilarious. We left without buying anything, though I felt bad for the cashier because I bet there are a lot of people who just go in there to look around and don’t actually buy anything.

Checking out the market in Akko

Another cool thing that happened there was a “gang fight” between these few 4-9 (or something like that) year old kids. A couple of them came into the square where we were eating lunch, and then, the second group of them came in riding these matching bikes. They were fighting, and shouting, and I was getting some serious West Side Story vibes. It was also hilarious because we had absolutely no idea what they were saying, and they couldn’t understand us. Akiva kept trying to talk to them in Hebrew, but they just gave us these blank stares and continued yelling in Arabic.

Then, two more kids came up behind us and began kicking a soccer ball. They kept accidentally kicking it into my back, so that was fun. Then, this guy came up to the side of us and began doing something with a power drill. Then, the call to prayer started from the mosque right next to us. It was VERY loud. I could hear nothing anyone was saying over the yelling, banging, power drilling and praying. Yup.

I guess that pretty much covers the interesting stuff. All in all, I thought it was a fun trip. Sadly, I did not meet anyone named Maria in Akko which was disappointing, but, oh well. What can I do about that?

Strolling through the streets of Akko

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  1. Very fun Kayla! I really enjoyed your deep thoughts. The dog and crabs were definitely cool….I find it interesting that you had your spiritual time by the sea before those fighting boys came along….Maybe next time you will meet a girl named Maria and then you can sing the West Side Story song…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Akko is ancient and still thriving today – so glad you got there. Why did the others think you could get rabies of all things from crabs?! Beautiful place to get spiritual! But my favorite bit of your story is that your mom was a bit freaked to leave you at the bus stop! It’s totally Israeli!

    Liked by 1 person

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